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Preparing for the Teaching Knowledge  Test

An On-line course for ELT Professionals

Teacher Development Interactive

This fully on-line course, Published by Pearson Longman,  covers all you need to know to prepare yourself for the TKT, Teacher Knowledge Test, developed by Cambridge UCLES, UK. It covers all the main ELT terms and concepts, the principles of lesson planning and effective classroom management tools to succeed on the Cambridge ESOL TKT test.

It is a video based course with recordings made by Vicky Saumell and I explaining the main features of each module.It combines text, video, audio, PowerPoint, asynchronous discussions and quizzes with an inbuilt assessment feature as you progress.

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Global Issues

 This is a Resource Books for Teachers of English, published by Oxford University Press.

 It has a little theory and a lot of activities for bringing the world into the classroom and taking the students out into the world. The activities are broken down into sections so there is a pattern in presentation: summary of activity, level, time required, Language aims and "other" aims, Materials required, background information, preparation, step by step procedure, follow up or extension activity.

The book focuses on real world issues to encourage communication skills, reflection and critical thinking.
* over 80 classroom activities
*challenges stereotypes and preconceptions
*promotes cross cultural understanding
*develops thinking skills and a questioning attitude
*techniques include art, music,drama, discussion and games

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Global Citizenship in the English Language Classroom

This is a collection of papers  on "Citizenship and Language Teaching " from around the world published by the British Council and edited by Telma Gimenez and Susan Sheehan.

See Chapter 2,  English Language and the Global Citizen: Voices from an Argentine Classroom.

You can download it from the British Council site at:


Creating an inclusive learning experience for English language learners with specific needs:
Case studies from around the British Council’s global network.

This is a collection of papers from around the world published by the British Council on creating inclusive learning environments for learners with specific needs.
See case study 6
You can download it from the British Council site at:
Creating Inclusive Learning Environments