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7:Handout: Are you a Manager or a Leader? ______________________________________________________6:Handout for Teaching English through Storydrama using ActionSacks (IATEFL 2013)

5:Use it or Lose it!
Games for the creative 21st Century Learner
Instructions for teachers to try out the games from the Use it or Lose it! presentation.

Use it or Lose it!

Theoretical Background
Teaching English through Educational Drama to
Students with Learning Difficulties

Susan Hillyard B.Ed. (Hons)

Ministry of Education, Buenos Aires, Argentina

March 2010

4:English in Action: Teaching English through Drama to SEN Students
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3:Focus on English in Action
This is an article published in the Argentina Independent English language magazine:

You can read the whole article here: on English in Action

2:First Steps in CLIL: Training the Teachers
The proceedings for the 3rd CLILSymposium, La Sabana University, Bogota 2010 
01 first steps in clil - training the teachers
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1:Confessions of a Convert
The personal story of an older digital immigrant being converted to an admirer of on-line tools.
Delivered at the ABSCH XX11 Educational Conference "e-schooling" 2009 in Santiago, Chile.