Friday, February 3, 2012

Susan Hillyard: biodata

Susan Hillyard, B.Ed.(Hons) Warwick University (U.K.) has work experience in seventeen countries as a teacher, director, speaker, workshop facilitator, consultant, researcher, on-line tutor. She was Prof. Language IV in Lenguas Vivas and UTN, Bs As. She is a NILE Associate Trainer, in Norwich, UK. She has co-authored a Resource Book for Teachers Global Issues for OUP and TDI-TKT On-line Course for Pearson, New York. Moderator EVO Drama on-line course for TESOL and on-line tutor on the Masters in ELT, La Sabana University, Colombia. Now coordinator: English in Action, teaching English through Drama in Special Education, Ministry of Education, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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  2. Your talk at "The Magic of Teaching Children" today was wonderful and inspiring. Thanks a million!!!

  3. Susan.

    Just found my way here. You need to let the world know through this blog that you are also now a member of the IATEFL YLTSIG committee.

    Greetings, Dennis

  4. Today I've attended to the best talk ever.. I'm a 2nd semester student. excuseme for my mistakes in writing xD thank you for all what i learned today Susan. :D and I'd like 2 share this pic taken today next to you.
    Ty Susan! The hedgehog skin boy :D
    you must be a singer!


  5. Hi! I'm Nozomu Adachi, a university English teacher in Japan. I'm very keen on teaching children English through drama and Waldorf Education (Michael Chekhov's technique) I have a grant from my university and would like to visit a PRIMARY school in the world before March 2016, whose curriculum or class put emphasize drama in teaching English including theater a
    nd improvisation. Could you please give me some suggestions?